Customer Service – Customer Care – Customer Satisfaction

Providing customer service is possible through email monitoring

What do those things really mean?

Undoubtedly, they mean different things to different people!

Customer Service

Here at Towne we take ‘customer care’ very seriously and we have been able to help several of our customers provide customer care for their own customer in a big way. Read on to see how we were able to assist our client when they called out for “HELP”!!!!

As you are well aware, more and more people prefer electronic communication methods. In fact, more and more methods of electronic communication exist than most of us thought possible. (Did you ever expect to be reading a blog? I certainly never expected to be writing one!)

Many of our clients provide services (refrigeration, HVAC, building maintenance) for very large companies. Many of these companies now require the service provider to process all of their service requests through email. (Because they don’t want to pay someone to make a phone call.) Several of these companies send service requests to multiple providers and the first one that responds gets the job OR they will give a ‘window of response’ and, if they have not heard from the provider, they are moving on to the competition.

At a glance, it seems like a very efficient way to process a service request. A supermarket has a refrigerator that is warm. They send an email to request service. They are finished and can go on with their day (and there is an electronic record of their request).

On the flip side of the service request, the service provider receives the email, looks at it and decides what needs to be done…and then they do it. Perfect!! …unless the office is closed! What happens then? Most clients have one unfortunate person who gets stuck carrying their smart phone everywhere so they can look at each request as it happens and determine if it is urgent or routine. Going to the movies? Take the phone! Thanksgiving dinner? Take the phone! 2am? You’d better have the phone set with a loud alert so that you can check those emails! As you might imagine, it is unreasonable to expect anyone to do something like that for a long period of time and not have a breakdown or burnout.

We have been able to help multiple companies solve issues such as these and provide a high level of customer service for their own clients…and not lose a valuable employee!

Here at Towne we are able to build email monitoring programs to fit the needs of our client. We are able to sort out urgent or routine and dispatch the appropriate technician to the building where the service is needed. We are able to do this 24/7 or only when our client’s office is closed. We can sort through hundreds of emails to insure that our client does not miss an opportunity to care for their customer.

Customer Service – Customer Care – Customer Satisfaction. What does it mean to you?

Deb Crown

Deb Crown

About Deb Crown

Towne Answering Service was established in 1968 to provide answering services for medical and commercial clients in the southeastern Pennsylvania area. Utilizing the best technology available at the time (the time was 1968 and the technology was a switchboard), Towne was able to establish a very faithful clientele, the majority of whom are still with us today. As time passed and technology advanced, so did the equipment. The answering service equipment evolved from switchboards to a basic computerized system with handwritten messages. From that, we were able to move to a fully computerized, paperless, state-of-the-art messaging system with digital lines and switching and were able to partner with our clients and provide a higher level of service.