Intelligent Voice Mail

Every business is different, and Towne Answering Service understands that you want your business run your way. That is why we created a better voicemail system, Intelligent Voice Mail, tailored to meet your business needs. Specialized services include:

Intelligent Voice Mail by Towne Answering Service will answer your calls so you can continue to work uninterrupted.

Your greeting can be scripted based on time of day, and caller choices can determine the call flow. The end result of the call can be as simple as a recorded message in a voice mail box, or detailed as a notification of the call via email, text message, or a phone call. Follow Me Roaming with accept or reject options give you the ability to receive a live call if you would like, or send it to a mailbox.

Intelligent Voice Mail by Towne Answering Service can act as your front desk PBX (Private Branch Exchange), can collect messages, and call you with urgent issues. Intelligent Voice Mail can connect to an operator to assist the caller. With Towne Answering Service’s web interface, you can access your messages from anywhere in the world without making a phone call.

When a growing business needs an Intelligent Voice Mail System that can work with them world wide, it needs Towne Answering Service.


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