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Let Us Introduce You To A Towne Receptionist

                                     Andrea Convey

Like the other professional receptionists at Towne Answering Service, Andrea Convey takes hundreds of calls each day in stride. She says, “Managing calls for our clients keeps me on my feet, and I enjoy the spontaneity that comes with the different clients we serve. One minute I may be talking to a patient calling their doctor’s office, and the next I may be helping someone book an appointment at a hair salon. It’s all important.”

The key, Convey believes, is understanding the preferences and priorities of each business, and treating all callers as if they are her own customers. “Our goal is to focus on one call at a time, delivering the best customer service each time, and to be diligent with any follow-up that’s needed,” she says. “It’s all about personalized attention.”

Aside from answering phones, Convey is also Towne’s Daytime Supervisor and is responsible for monitoring everyone on her shift, researching any issues that might arise, and making follow-up calls with clientele.

After nearly nine years with Towne, she has seen trends change. “When I first started, it was more about gathering basic information, such as getting a caller’s name, number, and taking a message,” she says. “Now we add levels of customer service to each client based on whatever would help that client the most. We have a great Systems Administrator, Nate Gefvert, and if a client wants us to add a feature, or even just to ask for additional information that would help them serve their customers better, our team can do that.”

Convey adds that today’s clients want the Towne receptionists to act as if they’re physically in their own offices, not just answering phones but also knowing enough about their businesses to ask their customers questions and provide answers that are beyond just passing along messages.

“I love it when a client or a caller tells us something like, ‘It seems like you really care and you went the extra mile,” Convey says, adding, “Sometimes callers tell us they’re used to more robotic answering styles from receptionists, and usually they don’t even realize we’re an answering service and aren’t part of a client’s in-house staff. That’s what differentiates us.”

She appreciates that Deb and Charlie Crown, owners of Towne, pride themselves on the excellent reputation and quality of their customer service. They emphasize quality over quantity, referring to it as “gracious service,” and reinforce that how fast a call is completed isn’t the goal.  

With this attention to friendly, professional customer service, Convey and the team at Towne are out to change people’s minds about how they perceive answering services. “Customers feel more safe about the type of business or service they’re investing in if they know that business has committed to having someone available to talk to them consistently when they need it. I know that if I couldn’t get hold of someone after hours when I really needed to I’d be nervous. I’d have more trust in a business if they’ve arranged for customer support, 24/7.

Convey is just one of the trained, professional receptionists that work from Towne’s Souderton, Pennsylvania, call center, serving clients locally and nationally. With nearly 50 years of experience, the team at Towne has a long track record of excellence, along with the client referrals and testimonials to reflect it.

To learn how the receptionists at Towne Answering Service can represent your business and care for your customers, call us at 800-660-4316 for a free consultation. You can also visit our website to learn more about our various business solutions and service commitment, and how we can partner with your business to provide personalized, exceptional customer care that meets your specific challenges and goals.



Deb Crown

About Deb Crown

Towne Answering Service was established in 1968 to provide answering services for medical and commercial clients in the southeastern Pennsylvania area. Utilizing the best technology available at the time (the time was 1968 and the technology was a switchboard), Towne was able to establish a very faithful clientele, the majority of whom are still with us today. As time passed and technology advanced, so did the equipment. The answering service equipment evolved from switchboards to a basic computerized system with handwritten messages. From that, we were able to move to a fully computerized, paperless, state-of-the-art messaging system with digital lines and switching and were able to partner with our clients and provide a higher level of service.