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How Do Answering Services Help With Email Monitoring?

Part 1 — Contacting Customers

How many times have you sent an email to a business via their website’s “contact us” form and either received no response or received an automated reply that gave no indication of when you should expect a response?

Unfortunately, this lack of email response messaging is all too common. And in today’s competitive market, when consumers expect prompt attention, it’s simply a poor business practice. Just as customers expect to reach a live agent as quickly as possible when they call a business, they likewise expect that their email will be answered, and soon.

Email monitoring and responding is yet another way answering services are able to enhance a business’s quality of customer service. Agents can monitor email accounts 24/7, such as those linked to “contact us” or “FAQ” pages, and either forward them or respond to them based on the business owner’s instructions.

Likewise, if a website allows clients to fill out more detailed requests for service, the answering service staff can respond or redirect those emails according to priority level.

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To Grow Your Business, Do One Thing — The First Thing

Most business owners and managers have lots and lots of ideas and intentions but very little actual time in which to make anything happen. What are the things you most want to see happen in your business this year? Take a few minutes to think on your own or brainstorm with a few people in your company to pin down several ideas you’d love to have time to work on.

Would you like to:

  • Improve marketing?
  • Offer a better customer experience?
  • Streamline productivity?
  • Present a seminar?
  • Develop better cash-flow?
  • Extend your business day?
  • Shorten your business day?
  • Improve employee morale?

Choose the top two items that have the potential to make the most impact. Talk about what it would take to start to make them happen. The action plan might be very different depending on which item you decide to tackle. For example, if you want to boost your marketing it could be sitting down with a friend who’s had great success in that realm. Or if you need to improve your cash-flow you may want to call a professional you already do business with to see if he or she could provide any additional advice in accounting or planning.

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What Results Can I Expect From Express Messaging?


Are you part of a community or group that ever needs to send mass notifications to residents or group members? Do you currently waste time gathering email lists and struggling to get the word out about an important event or urgent alert in a timely manner? If so, Express Messaging may be the solution you’re looking for.

As we discussed in “Who Can Benefit From Express Messaging, And How?”Express Messaging is ideal for any community group that wants to reach people in a timely fashion, using as little manpower as possible. Alerts are sent instantly online, benefitting towns and boroughs or municipalities, educational institutions, businesses, and groups such as retirement communities, to name just a few.

Express Messaging is incredibly efficient, and effective. So, what kind of results might you expect?

Save Time

Predetermined distribution groups can be established, including bulk imports, and contact lists are easy to manage. Group members can sign up through an online portal, and can opt to receive messages using multiple means—text, voice, or email.

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