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How Can Disaster Recovery Services Help You?

Backup And Disaster Recovery Services

Towne Answering Service can be an integral part of your disaster preparedness plan. In the event of a disaster at your location, our office can become a communications hub for your company, connecting your customers to key employees or alternate contacts.

Our staff would work with you to assist you in being fully prepared in advance of the emergency. Our communication systems can be used to reach out to your customers or employees with outbound phone calls, mass emails or mass text messaging, enabling you to maintain contact at the time of disaster and helping provide business continuity.

If your office is unable to re-open quickly, our staff can become a lifeline for you and your clients, handling phone calls, service requests, appointments or whatever might be needed.

All of Towne’s equipment and systems are protected by redundant UPS battery back-up systems and dual standby generators in case of extended power outages.

Multiple-route / multiple-vendor telecommunications lines provide fail-over protection. Redundant switching and computer systems provide protection from hardware failures. Off-site backups also protect our data from both digital and physical damage. Remote administrative and operator capabilities are available in case the evacuation of our own facility is needed.

Towne Answering Service has achieved the ATSI Gold Star Site Certification, exceeding industry standards in the areas of business practices and infrastructure, certified for 99.999% up-time.

Towne Answering Service has the staff, equipment and backups in place to be your Disaster Support. Click here fo find out more.


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