Secure Text Messaging

Towne Answering Service is pleased to announce the newest technology available in secure text messaging services.

With the most recent requirements of the HIPAA laws, the medical community has been mandated to have all emails and text messages encrypted in order to protect the health information of their patients. Although that technology has been made available by multiple companies, many times it is inconvenient or unwieldy to use.

Towne is now providing a secure messaging system that is not only easy to use but offers ALL of the best perks of various other providers.

Of course it is HIPAA compliant and offers the additional option of password protection. The notifications are received even if the end user is without a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.  Towne is notified when the message has been read, allowing us to follow an escalation procedure in the event the message was not received. Optionally, the system can be set up to require acknowledgement of the message by the recipient, which allows the staff of Towne to provide a higher level of oversight on behalf of the client.  Messages can also be set to auto-delete after a specified period of time.

This secure messaging functions on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and any PC, Mac or Smartphone with a web browser and has the ability to send to multiple devices and/or users.

Even though this technology was developed to meet a need in the medical world, it can be used effectively in the commercial environment to better communicate with on-call personnel and technicians and track an emergency or service call.


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